Adult Learning for Behavioral Change

2 hours 10 Enrolled 5.0 (1) All Levels

This course welcomes you to understanding of the fact that teaching adults about new ideas or technologies is different to teaching adolescents or children. Therefore, for extension agents to design successful training programmes that will lead to behavioral change, you have to carefully consider the subject matter, delivery and evaluation methods you use. The subject matter within the extension environment needs to be extremely relevant and useful to the learner. The instructional methods and materials must be appropriate for learners of various ages with diverse backgrounds. And finally, the evaluation methods used must not only assess the progress of learners, but also whether the training programme has met the needs of the target audience.

What you learn in this course will also guide you, to become a creative and result driven change influencer.


There will be engaging and practicable:

  • Short Pre-Assessment test to be completed, prior to accessing the learning contents for this course.
  • Each module will also have exercise at the end of the module.
  • A Post-learning evaluation test (summative assessment) needs to be completed to summarily assess your general knowledge on all you’ve learned from this course.

Course Summary

Course InstructorConsultant
Course Available LanguageEnglish
Course CreditNot Applicable
Course CurriculumThe curriculum for this course is designed to adopt an andragogical-learners centered approach to cover 4-core modules on Adult Learning for Behavioral Change.
Aim & Objective of the courseAgricultural extension and advisory services are dynamic professions which EXAF considers to be one of the chore skills every extensionists should possess. Hence the need for putting out this course to enlighten the skill-gap of extensionists with free acquisition of this learning opportunity.
Course FacilitatorConsultant
AcknowledgmentWe acknowledge the generous support of the GFRAS for its validation and access to utilize its learning tool-kits for the up-skilling of the Extensionists’ service delivery capacities.

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Enquiries: Extension Africa, @ G24, Abdullahi Bayero road, Railway Quarters, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.
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What's included

  • E-Learning Contents, as well as Slides & Training Manuals for On-site Learners.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain the basics of behavior change within the agricultural innovation system context and your role in that process.
  • List the various components that influence the facilitation of learning.
  • Discuss the differences between adult and youth learners and education.
  • Describe and apply principles for proper training development.
  • Explain the importance of learning assessments and describe the various methods of assessing training programmes.

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