Gender In Extension and Advisory Services

3 hours 30 minutes 13 Enrolled 5.0 (2) Beginner

This course welcomes you to understanding the major the skills necessary to address critical issues around gender in rural livelihoods and Agricultural activities In order to deliver on the stakeholders’ mandates and contribute to positive change.

What you learn in this course will also help reduce the marginalization of women to enhance improved women inclusion for Agricultural sustainability.


There will be engaging and practicable:

  • Short Pre-Assessment test to be completed, prior to accessing the learning contents for this course.
  • Each module will also have exercise at the end of the module.
  • A Post-learning evaluation test (summative assessment) needs to be completed to summarily assess your general knowledge on all you’ve learned from this course.

Course Summary

Course InstructorConsultant
Course Available LanguageEnglish
Course CreditNot Applicable
Course CurriculumThe curriculum for this course is designed to adopt an andragogical-learners centered approach to cover 2-core modules on Gender in Extension and Advisory services.
Aim & Objective of the courseAssumptions have long been made about the different roles of men and women, young and old, within rural livelihood systems and agriculture, with Little attention is given to the responsibilities, activities, assets and power of women within the household. As a result, new technologies are often not directed at the main users or make decisions about them. Many times, therefore, the new technologies sit unused or are not used according to recommendations. This is especially the case when technologies target women. Hence the need to put out this course for extension practitioners move beyond old ideas and assumptions about who is considered a farmer and who is a helper.
Course FacilitatorConsultant
AcknowledgmentWe acknowledge the generous support of the GFRAS for its validation and access to utilize its learning tool-kits for the up-skilling of the Extensionists’ service delivery capacities.

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Enquiries: Extension Africa, @ G24, Abdullahi Bayero road, Railway Quarters, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.


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What's included

  • E-Learning Contents, as well as Slides & Training Manuals for On-site Learners

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand and discuss the basics of gender for extension (such as Elaborate on gender differences in rural livelihoods, Use a gender lens to examine the situation where you work, and Gender roles in Agriculture and Gender-based division of labour etc.)
  • Identify engagement opportunities and entry points for women in Agriculture.
  • Manage access and control of power dynamics with regards Gender n Agriculture.

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