Introduction to Agribusiness Extensionist

3 hours 16 Enrolled 5.0 (3) Beginner

This course welcomes you to comprehend the responsibilities of every extensionist. In addition to being required to be equipped with technical and soft abilities, it is also critical to maintain distinct professionalism in their mode of delivery. The learning kit will function as a stepping stone on your path to professionalism, equipping you with the confidence to address a wide range of difficulties regardless of the context. The EXAF’s mission and vision statements will remind you of your role as an extension professional, while the strategic fields and capacity development levels will help you define your job based on the demands of the setting in which you find yourself.
Keywords (technical words that are crucial for you to grasp) are used in the modules, and to ensure that you get the most out of this course; keywords will be highlighted the first time they appear and specified in a box with the keywords symbol, so be sure to read the definitions of any unfamiliar terms.

What you learn in this course will also help you understand that many skills are required of an extension practitioner to become valuable in the Agricultural Innovation system (AIS).


There will be engaging and practicable:

  • Short Pre-Assessment test to be completed, prior to accessing the learning contents for this course.
  • Each module will also have exercise at the end of the module.
  • A Post-learning evaluation test (summative assessment) needs to be completed to summarily assess your general knowledge on all you’ve learned from this course.

Course Summary

Course InstructorConsultant
Course Available LanguageEnglish
Course CreditNot Applicable
Course CurriculumThe curriculum for this course is designed adopting an andragogical-learners centered approach to cover 13-core modules on introducing the extensionists to the agribusiness world.
Aim & Objective of the courseAgricultural extension and advisory services are dynamic professions which EXAF considers to be one of the chore skills every extensionists should possess. Hence the need for putting out this course to enlighten the skill-gap of extensionists with free acquisition of this learning opportunity.
Course FacilitatorConsultant
AcknowledgmentWe acknowledge the generous support of the GFRAS for its validation and access to utilize its learning tool-kits for the up-skilling of the Extensionists’ service delivery through capacity building.

Disclaimer: The copyright owner shall not be liable for technical or other errors or omissions contained herein. The reader/user accepts all risks and responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this information.

Enquiries: Extension Africa, @ G24, Abdullahi Bayero road, Railway Quarters, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.


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What's included

  • E-Learning Contents, as well as Slides & Training Manuals for On-site Learners.

What Will I Learn?

  • Define the framework of agricultural innovation systems, position yourself within this innovation system and be able to identify the specific roles and the capacities that you need as part of the New Extensionist movement.
  • Familiarize with and choose the best tools and approaches for extension service delivery.
  • Adopt the use of a pluralistic approach to coordinate and link the different actors to properly interact with the community with clear understanding of adult learning interactive approach.
  • Identify and use appropriate information communication technologies (ICTs) such as radios, televisions, cell phones, etc. best suited for reaching your target audience.
  • Analyze business opportunities and do market research, as well as the know-how to successfully transfer these skills to others.
  • Render extension service with an understanding of the implications of culture and diversity, inclusive of gender-sensitive approaches and the ability to engage with and keep the attention of the rural youth.
  • Mitigate and adapt to risks caused by unforeseen shocks such as a sharp swing in product and input prices and extreme weather/climate events, using standard approaches and tools for its assessments.

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